Day 19/365: Sunset Contemplation

A woman is silhouetted as she watches the sun set into the waters of the Gulf of Paria.

Shot at the POS Waterfront. I took this a few days ago.

The dry season raises lots of dust and creates beautiful sunsets.

Its a pity that it rained cats and dogs today. Would’ve loved to take some more…


Day 18/365: Yuh Holdin' De Draff?

A pink Poui tree blooms on my way to work yesterday. In UWI St Augustine, the conventional wisdom around campus was that if you didn’t have your coursework under control and in your head by the time the Poui trees on Campus bloomed… you’d have a really hard time passing your exams.

Those who “didn’t hold de draff” would slowly transform into “matta beasts”; mystical creatures who lived in the library from sun up til closing time, subsisting on nothing but Nescafe coffee and very little sleep.

We also never got a haircut around exam time. Then all that we’d spent months cramming in our heads would just evaporate into thin air.

Big hair was a big plus when it came to mental retention… 😛


Day 17/365: How Not Where

Day 17/365: How Not Where, originally uploaded by boboleechron.


A billboard seen everyday on my way to the office.

It’s not where you go. It’s how you get there.

Good point.


Day 16/365: Out of Band

Day 16/365: Out of Band, originally uploaded by boboleechron.


I didn’t get to take any pictures on Monday… so here’s a consolation prize instead.

I took this shot at Mount Irvine Bay in Tobago. A vendor was selling some handmade jewellery on the beach. I took this picture sometime in October or November of 2008.

Again with the silly puns. Do you get it?

I crack myself up.


Day 13, 14 & 15/365…

If you’ve been following my 365 project, you’d have realised that I didn’t post anything on Saturday, Sunday or Monday (its early Tuesday morning as I type this).

Well, its Carnival time… and I went to my first Carnival fĂȘte: St Mary’s College All-Inclusive (read an interesting review of the 2008 edition of the fete here).  An “all-inclusive fĂȘte” is a Carnival fete where everything you need is included in the price.  You get as much as you can eat and as much as you can drink, as long as stocks last.  The fĂȘtes usually go strong for as much as 10 hours… some start as early as 4pm… and they go ’til after midnight in some cases.  St Mary’s is my alma mater, and I usually attend the fete.

In lieu of my lack of photos, here’s a video I recorded of a performance at the fete: Kes the Band featuring Nadia Batson who sings with them as their female lead, although she’s an artiste separate and apart from the band.



Day 12/365: Kaiso, Kaiso!

Calypso, originally uploaded by boboleechron.

I love making mistakes like these. I think they look so cool.

I was bumped on the elbow when I took this picture of a calypsonian performing at a calyspo show. He was dressed up as a magistrate and was swinging his gavel as he sang his composition.

“Kaiso! Kaiso!” is a phrase of encouragement, akin to “Bravo! Bravo!”

Kaiso is another name for calypso, the indigenous music created and loved by Trinbagonians & Caribbean people.


Day 11/365: Fish And Chip

Day 11/365: Fish And Chip, originally uploaded by boboleechron.

My office pets – fish “George” (orange-red) and “Weezy” (grey/black) – swim in their bowl that’s got a chip up top.

Feeding time…


Day 10/365: Lights, Camera….

Day 10/365: Lights, Camera…., originally uploaded by boboleechron.

Scene at the front of Movietowne, Port of Spain, on Wednesday night.

Our National Stadium is in the background.

I had some issues with my car, which caused me to get home pretty late yesterday. I used iPhoto to do the most basic of fade effects.


Day 9/365: Personal Jesus

Personal Jesus, originally uploaded by boboleechron.

I wear a ring rosary on the middle finger of my right hand. Its the only finger that’s “just right” in terms of the ring’s fit.

Taking a picture of it was awkward, as I’m right-handed. I stuck it on a marker cover and took some shots. Stuck it on my left thumb and did the same. Then, I took a series of shots with it on my right hand and choose the best one of each lot.

Operating the camera with my left hand was a task.

Tripod for sure next time…

(You can see the rest of the set here… Only 3 pix though.)


Vroom, Vroom…

A car zooms past mine as I take photos of the NAPA at dusk.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “untitled“, posted with vodpod

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