I Didn’t Vote For Obama

I was reading my email yesterday, when I came upon this gem on a web forum.  I don’t know the original author, but I think he makes a good case for his reasons as to why he didn’t vote for Barack Obama.

As is my usual custom, I posted interesting and related links where I thought they’d be appropriate.  I also included a few pix from my photoblog (Bobolee Pix) as well.  I spent some time working on it this weekend, and I think it has a fresh, new look.  Hope you like it…

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I’m a middle-class white guy living in Jacksonville, Florida.  I’ve got a wife and two kids.

Because the kids had no school today, I took a vacation day from work, and took the kids downtown to vote early.  Fifty-nine minutes later, two smiling children and I proudly sported “I Voted” stickers.

But I didn’t vote for Obama.

I voted for my ancestors, who believed in the promise of this country and came with with nothing as immigrants.

I voted for my parents, who taught in the public schools for decades.

I voted for Steve, an acquaintance of mine from Kentucky (killed by an IED two years ago in Iraq).

I voted for Shawn, another who’s been to Iraq twice, and Afghanistan once, and who’ll be going back to Afghanistan again soon — and whose family earned eleven bucks a month too much to qualify for food stamps when the war started.

[Bobolee Pix: Friendly Advice]

I voted for April, the only African-American girl in my high school — it was years before it occurred to me how different her experience of our school must have been.

I voted for my college friends who are Christian, Jewish, Mormon, and yes — Muslim.

I voted for my grandfathers, who worked hard in factories and died too young.

I voted for the plumber who worked on my house, because I want him to get a REAL tax break.

I voted for four little angels from Birmingham.

I voted for a bunch of dead white men who, although personally flawed, were willing to pledge their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor, and used a time of great crisis to expand freedom rather than suspend it.

[The Onion]

I voted for all those people and more, and I voted for all of you, too.  But mostly, I voted selfishly.  I vote for two little kids, one who has ballet in an hour, and once who has baseball practice at the same time.

I voted for a world where they can be confident that their government will represent the best that is in this country, and that will in turn demand the best of them.  I voted for a government that will be respected in the world. I voted for an economy that will reward work above guile.

[Bobolee Pix: Vote!]

I voted for everything I believe in.

Sure, I filled in the circle next to the name Obama, but it wasn’t him I was voting for — it was every single one of us, and those I love most of all.

Who else is there to vote for?

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Leave your mark. The future depends on it.

Peace and Rice,


15 Responses to “I Didn’t Vote For Obama”

  1. 1 youcouldbelievethis
    October 27, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    I think people miss the point of the whole voting thing. It’s really not about the candidates, its about you and want you need from your government. You’re supposed to pick the candidate that can serve you best. This letter is a wonderful illustration of someone who “gets it”.

  2. October 28, 2008 at 9:07 am

    Nice letter, well written, I hope it circulates widely.

  3. 3 Pam Jam
    October 30, 2008 at 8:27 am

    This says it all…thank you for restating why we MUST vote for OBAMA and ourselves, ancestors and children and grandchildren. As the Native Americans state, we must look seven generations ahead to make decisions for the day and future! You have done that!

  4. October 30, 2008 at 10:11 am

    Thanks for commenting, folks!


  5. 5 lactatingbookworm
    November 1, 2008 at 7:54 am

    Good luck from Australia. We voted out our George W Bush loving prime minister last year (John Howard – he was the guy who said that a victory for Obama and the democrats would be a vote for terrorists). I can now proudly say that I’m an Australian. Before it was just embarrassing and suffocating living here. Now I feel I have a voice again and I have hope.

  6. 6 Graham B00th
    November 1, 2008 at 9:26 am

    Well, in truth you voted AGAINST all those things! You voted for a man who associates with terrorists and thinks its ok.
    You voted for a man who wants to stiffle the only business sector that is capable of creating new jobs with his ill thought tax plan.
    You voted for a man who will cause charities to lose much needed donations through that same tax plan.
    You voted against every single American looking for a job.
    You voted for a man who wants to slash defence spending and when America attacks his response will be to do nothing.
    You voted for a man who holds anti-American ideals, and a first lady who was (and probably still is) ashamed to be American.
    You voted for expanded poverty, populist politics, and a desasterous future.
    You voted the way Iran and Al-Qaeda wanted you to vote.
    You voted for the destruction of Isreal.
    You voted for illegal immigrants to take local jobs and American’s hard earned wealth.

  7. November 1, 2008 at 10:00 am

    “I” didn’t vote, Mr Booth…

    If you taken the time to read my post *properly*, you would’ve seen and understood that.

    Then again, from what I’ve been able to see, logic, reason and understanding don’t mean much for the very ardent supporters of McCain/Palin.

    I hope this doesn’t make your head explode:

    Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice life!

  8. November 1, 2008 at 10:01 am

    Thank you for commenting, bookworm! 😆

  9. 9 Graham B00th
    November 2, 2008 at 1:41 am

    I am responding to the post, so if the post was not written by you as stated (and I have no reason to believe you would make that up), then I was not responding to you.
    As for the link, that is totally irrelevant. McCain was not giving any money to Rasheed himself, and you would know that if you actually read the article. The funding was a research grant that Rasheed was a part of. As for Obama, he let Rasheed and his wife babysit, Obama was at that dinner and applauded the anti-Isreal poem, he sat at a table with Rasheed and Bill Ayres (amongst others). Obama associates, or associated with terrorists and there is no way you can deny that. Obama is very dirty and dangerous.
    Also if you think Obama will end the war think long and hard about the following.
    Obama won’t end the war, he will stop fighting it, and when there is a resulting terrorist attack on American soil I hope you feel guilty as sin about having an indirect hand in letting it happen!

  10. November 2, 2008 at 3:38 am

    I want to highlight (again) the point I made in my last response. You know, the one where I said that logic and reasoning seem to escape the very ardent McCain-Palin supporter?

    So, you think the link I posted was irrelevant… alright…

    Sitting in a room with someone and/or politely applauding or listening to a *”poem”* is a cause for serious and grave concern as that proves that Obama is a terrorist!!!

    … but actually spending and sending over US$ 500,000 to the organisation responsible for sponsoring the man who wrote the “terrorist” poem does not?

    And, lest you forget, America deals and works with both Israel and Palestine, and has been working to broker a true peace accord between the two for years. That’s one of the reasons why McCain and his committee spent the money on that “terrorist-sponsoring” organization. That’s another reason why other senators and other congressmen sat in the room and listened to (and applauded) the same poem of which you speak!

    Never forget that Obama voted to NOT go to war. McSame voted for the war, when he was busy trying to support G.W. Bush 90% of the time. Stopping or finishing a war that someone else started (which was proven to be a big lie as no WMDs have been found to date) is NOT the issue. The issue here is which candidate had the right judgement to not take the country into war in the FIRST PLACE.

    The only people who should feel guilty are those responsible for starting the war in the first place, not those who are left with the ugly mess to clean up after the responsible parties have been voted out of office. You should also remember (or take note of) the fact that the democratically installed and elected government of Iraq actually agrees with Obama’s timeline proposal for the US forces’ eventual departure… (see http://preview.tinyurl.com/6n5jtw).

    This “resulting terrorist attack” (that you seem to see *so clearly* in the pipeline) won’t be Obama’s doing, kind sir. You have the failed foreign and domestic policies of G.W. Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Ashcroft, Gonzales, and Rove to thank for that. They had a *direct* hand in implementing and carrying out the Bush Doctrine and the war against Iraq, if you really want to be truthful, logical and reasonable about it…

    …which I don’t think you would, because after 8 years of seeing and living with the effects of those policies, you seem to want… more of the same!


    I tip my hat to you, kind sir. Its your right to vote for whomever you choose, just as much as it is my right to support whoever I choose.

    Oh, and I did write the post. This is my blog after all. What I *didn’t write* was the letter you so soundly criticized me for. There’s a substantial difference between the two things, just in case you didn’t know or realise. In your rush to criticize, you probably just glossed over that fact.

    Thanks for commenting, and again, have a nice life… regardless of who wins on November 4th.

  11. November 2, 2008 at 7:07 am

    Well done JW. The juvenilia you treated with kind respect is one nurtured in a bubble of conspiracy theories and racial hysteria. Al Qaida, if anything, endorsed McCain — as it logically would since he makes excellent PR for their cause as righteous victims of war-mongering barbarians.

    Anyone who claims to be a proud and patriotic American like your visiting ghoul…let them nail their own jaws shut after Tuesday: after all, as they were wont to say so often, dissent and criticism is treason.

    I look forward to seeing how these fools manage to work the name “Hussein” into “Mr. President, sir.” In the meantime, I look forward to the end of that man’s world, as he seems to think it will come crashing down on his head because the next president may be slightly less blood thirsty than the savages that have been propped up so far in the U.S.

  12. November 2, 2008 at 10:19 am

    Thanks, Max. I know now why they say patience is a virtue! 😆

    Wednesday November 5th will be an interesting day indeed.

    It’ll be “Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night”, too.

    “Remember, remember the fifth of November,
    The gunpowder, treason and plot,
    I know of no reason
    Why the gunpowder treason
    Should ever be forgot.”

    I sincerely hope that we don’t have any additional reasons to remember 5-11. 😳

  13. 13 Kabron
    November 2, 2008 at 1:31 pm

    and who is going to vote for the unborn children?

    McCain is pro-choice himself…but if he elected there is a chance that he will select a pro-life judge to the supreme court (and there is a good chance at least one will need to be repaced within the next four years)….which is what I would want if I were American.

    Obama named Scalia, Thomas and Roberts as three judges he would not have selected; all three are pro-life judges. So, although it has not come up as a major topic in this election…I would not be able to cast a vote for Obama, if I could vote.

  14. November 2, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    Kabron, “pro-life” should mean support for ALL lives, not just the unborn.

    McCain says he’s “pro-life” (ie anti-abortion), yet he supported a war that has killed approximately 4,200 US soldiers and approx 97,000 Iraqi civilians. He sings mockingly about bombing other countries (Iran) and about staying in Iraq “for 100 years and more”?

    …and don’t even get me started on the environmental policies (or lack thereof) that have damaged our planet for all living creatures, born and unborn.

    Is that really “pro-life”? Not in my book.

    And this, even after the initial link between Bin Laden and Iraq/Iran was tenuous at best?

    What about the unborn children that could’ve been born to those dead soldiers had they not been killed in the war on terror in Iraq?

    What about the unborn children that could’ve been born to the 97k (and rising) civilians who were killed?

    What about the lives of the children orphaned by the war that McCain so willingly supports? What about the lives of the people cut short by war, disease and poverty?

    What about the lives of the children (born and unborn) that would be affected were he to launch pre-emptive strikes (a la Bush-Cheney against Saddam’s yet-to-be-found WMDs) against other Anti-America, Anti-Bush countries like Venezuela, Russia, Syria or Iran?

    YES, being able to support someone who preserves the life of the unborn child is important, and I agree with you there. To me, that’s necessary, but NOT SUFFICIENT.

    If he ONLY supports the preservation of THOSE lives, while creating policies that condemn those already living to die or to live very difficult or very short lives, then if I could vote, I certainly wouldn’t for John McCain…

    Simply put, he’ll be putting the future of any potential children I may have at serious risk.

    Thanks for commenting, man. Please feel free to do so again.

  15. November 3, 2008 at 6:03 pm

    A humourous take on the issue, Kabron:



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