My Day Today

I was out and about today…


Connect the dots! Passed by this old office building on Maraval Road, Port of Spain.


I ran into an artist painting...


She was painting a coconut carriage around the Savannah...


...and attracted a fair amount of curiosity and attention.


She was doing an oil painting for a friend's new art gallery. She uses a plastic bag as a palette. I thought it looked pretty.

While I was there watching her work, I noticed some interesting sights…


Pretty Tree Cathedral


Ackee flowers (?) in coconut shell.


Stag... a man's beer.

I was hungry, so I told my new artist friend “goodbye” and travelled somewhere for lunch.

Lunch was part-Latin, but lunch was all good!


Here are the condiments. Clockwise from upper left: Hot pepper sauce, Tamarind sauce, Garlic sauce and Shadon Beni sauce.


Lunch was polenta, stewed chicken, with a side salad of stir-fried seasoned broccoli and cauliflower florets. Washed down with Pommecythere (golden apple) juice.


Did I mention that lunch was good?


I decided to have a slice of heaven for dessert. Oops... I meant carrot cake...


After I'd paid for lunch, I looked around and saw some interesting pictures hanging on a nearby wall.

They were rare pictures of popular calypsonians (some of whom are deceased).  I took pictures of them.  The owner objected though.  I deleted them out of respect for his collection.  He promised me that we could meet to chat after Carnival was over and he’d let me see the others.

Today was a good day…

Peace and Rice,


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