Day 1: Keep On Walking

Day 1: Keep On Walking

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Hey folks!

Been a while since I updated BoboleePix! Well, my first camera was stolen… either that or I misplaced it… sometime after Carnival 2009. I was camera-less from then til now.

I’ve got a new camera now, and it takes sweet video and stills. I’ve decided to embark on my own “Project 365” (where you take and post a picture a day for a year=365 days, hence the name.)

You can find out more about “Project 365” here.

This is Day 1:

Johnnie Walker Scotch Whiskey is very popular in Trinidad & Tobago… so much so, if you tell your Trinbagonian friend that you want to go visit “Uncle Johnnie”, they’d know what you mean… and most likely want to join you!

On my way home today, I saw this decal stuck on the truck in front of me, and I just had to take a shot of every drinking Trinbagonian’s favourite “uncle”.

2 Responses to “Day 1: Keep On Walking”

  1. January 11, 2010 at 11:39 pm

    Uncle Johnny Oye! Printing Johnny and Coco Water Crew t-shirts for Carnival yes it exists LOL. LOVE all my Uncles but Uncle Johnny is my favorite.

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