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Ole Time Someting Come Back Again

Here’s an interesting (& enjoyable) cover of The Mighty Sparrow’s classic calypso “Obeah Wedding”.Its performed by “TitoTitou”, a French native with a pretty eclectic taste in music, if one were to take a look at his YouTube profile.

We in Trinidad and Tobago (heck, the entire Caribbean) have such a wealth of talent in our blood.  While we must take our many art forms into the new millennia, we must also ensure that we don’t forget our roots & culture.   By revisiting them every so often, it not only serves as a source of edification and pride, but in my view, it’ll also to help educate the younger generations of our rich heritage and our identity as Caribbean people.

I hope you enjoyed!

(bigup to @suzettegardner, who shared this video with me. 🙂 )

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Trinidad Carnival 2009: Tuesday Night Mas

The thing about getting up late in the morning on Carnival day is that you miss the opportunity to get pictures in “good light”.  With the sunlight being the brightest thing for miles, not only will you save batteries by not having to use a flash, but everything you want to shoot simply looks good.

I, however, like to take shots at night, with my flash.  There’s something that ‘pops out’ when you watch mas at night… more so when you take a picture of it.  All the glitter mas makers use in their creations come into full effect when the sun goes down.  It kicks up the portrayals a notch… or a few.

I like the energy of night mas, too.  You’d think that the masqueraders would be dog tired after jumping up and down in the hot sun for two whole days… but they’re still so full of life and energy… its infectious!  They do their collective best to just wring the best out of the last few hours of Carnival, willing it to stay, offering their jumping and wining and wailing as offerings to the Bacchanalia.

Carnival 2009?  You were one of the best.  I hope you took good notes to pass on to Carnival 2010!

Peace and Rice,



Trinidad Carnival 2009 Part Deux

Hey, folks… here’s the second part of my 2009 Carnival picture collection.  Like I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I wasn’t out for very long on Carnival Tuesday, and for a short time I had the bad luck of being caught in a bad position when a great band was making its way across the stage… I was facing the sun.

Anyway, I didn’t let that deter me from the mission at hand… which was to capture a little piece of the bacchanal that is Carnival to share with you.

The bulk of the pix are from the band Legends, led by Big Mike and his partner Juliette.  The rest are from Trevor Wallace.

Most of these were taken on Ariapita Avenue in Port of Spain, close to the NCC Judging point at Adam Smith Square.

Peace and Rice,



Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2009 Pics

Hey folks!   I know I haven’t posted in a bit, but I was kept really busy at work.  I guess I should be thankful – being busy at work means that at least I still have a job!  Not many can say that, so I am grateful!  🙂

Like I mentioned in my last post, I was on the road for Carnival… Tuesday.   My feet hurt, my abs hurt… everything but my head, which was real niiiice.  So Monday after Jouvay, yours truly simply chilaxed by the girlfriend.  So we hit the road on Tuesday.

Here’s some of what I snagged.

Enjoy… more to follow!

Peace and Rice,


UPDATE:  I’ve posted more Carnival pics, here:

…and here:


Beautiful Tobago « New Bobolee Pix

Beautiful Tobago

Some more pictures of my October’08 Tobago trip.

See them here: Beautiful Tobago « Bobolee Pix

I’m taking some time to learn and understand a bit more about the photo-related WordPress features, like photogalleries.

Please let me know what you think of them, especially as it relates to the “quality” of the pictures.

(Since October?  October? I’m in need of some more Tobago love.  There’s no such thing as too much Tobago …)

*sighs* 🙂

Peace and Rice,



Divali 2008 Gallery « Bobolee Pix

Divali 2008 Gallery

October 29, 2008

Here are some of the pix I took during Divali festivities yesterday. I took over 100 pix, but these are some of the best. I didn’t use flash at all except for a few pics, and relied on the lighting from the deyas small oil lamps and the overhead street lamps.

I first went to Ethel Street in St James, and had to walk from 3 streets away because I couldn’t get a closer parking spot. There were a lot of people there, from all walks of Trinidadian life, who came to enjoy the sights and sounds of the celebrations.

Then I went to Adam Smith Square in Woodbrook, where the celebrations were a bit muted, and not as intricate. After walking around for about 5 minutes, I opted to leave.

It was magical. Enjoy the pictures.

Peace and Rice,


Visit my Divali 2008 Gallery at Bobolee Pix


Back-in-Times Thursday

In keeping with my ‘no stress for the week pledge’, here’s some “Back-In-Times” Soca music.

“Back-In-Times” is just another way we Trinbagonians say “Old School Jam”.

The name of the band is Shandileer.

The name of the song is “Love Up”.  I can’t find a video for this one, but please go…


“Love Up” by Shandileer


…for the audio track.

Its something I found over at

Trinidad & Tobago Flag


Lyrics, again, courtesy of the good folks at

I’m not too sure if Ronnie Macintosh (in front with the hat) was with the band when they recorded this song, but I can distinctly hear Carl and Carol Jacobs doing background vocals:

Every day we just eating and we talking
We wondering if we both know what we doing
Darling ah dunno really how you feeling
But ah think is time we should start up this romancing


Leh we go down de road and sit down by de school and luv up
We go talk bout de day, how it all past away and luv up
We could sing, we could dance and then all ah we dance and luv up
Doo-doo come leh we go, leh we go down de road and luv up
Oh lord, leh we go, leh we go, leh we go, go down de road and luv up

We dont know what we have and what we missing
Leh we work it out baby, we could come out with something
Talking bout life and living it is not de same thing
So baby leh we start to live, forget de horrors and fretting


[Instrumental Break]

All over de world people carrying on, say dey fighting
Please doo-doo leh we avoid de quarrelling
We could wake up in de morning, do ah little something
Make sure everything wukking
And when de evening come, leh we settle down to some loving


Leh we go down de road
Aye aye aye aye aye aye aye
ooh, ooh, ooh


[Shandileer pic taken from here.]

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