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Day 8/365: Twilight

Day 8/365: Twilight, originally uploaded by boboleechron.

The sun sets and casts an orange glow on the National Academy for Performing Arts in Port of Spain…


Day 7/365: T Minus

Day 7/365: T Minus, originally uploaded by boboleechron.

Took this picture *early* Sunday morning… as in after midnight early… its the big electronic display sign above the KFC on Independence Sq in Port of Spain.

Its advertising various products & services while a countdown clock marks the hours and the minutes before The Merry Monarch makes his entrance stage left..


Day 6/365: Tree In One

Day 6/365: Tree In One, originally uploaded by boboleechron.

Well, I had to run some errands on Saturday, but I still made the time to enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors.

It really was a beautiful day – cool afternoon breezes wafting through the air, the sky the colour of the bluest blue, while sheep-like clouds dotted the sky.

These three trees can be found in the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain.

Check out more photos from my Savannah run here…


Day 5: Skill

Day 5: Skill, originally uploaded by boboleechron.

A young boy balances beer, rum and shandy bottles on the ground on the POS Waterfront.

He walked with his box, opened it up to reveal his collection of bottles, then he entertained the crowd by stacking the bottles and building some interesting bottled structures.

The occasion was the benefit concert for Haiti, held on the Waterfront that afternoon.

He was quite talented.


Day 4: $10 Off…

Day 4: $10 Off…, originally uploaded by boboleechron.

I was trying to find an important document today, and for the life of me, I couldn’t find it.

I did find a lot of things I’d thought I’d thrown away & some other treasures I’d long thought lost, but did I find what I was looking for? No… not tonight.


I did manage to unearth this ticket stub from a 3 Canal Show (concert) I attended in 2006, though.

I guess I was saving it for the $10 discount, but put it somewhere where I wouldn’t find it… until four years had almost passed.


I crack me up sometimes…


Day 3: Kick off your shoes…

Day 3: Kick off your shoes…, originally uploaded by boboleechron.

Relax your feet.

Long, hard day at the office.

Feels good to be home.

Oh… I also realised today that someone was stealing pictures from my Flickr feed. More on that later.


Day 2 (2): City That Never Sleeps

City That Never Sleeps

Originally uploaded by boboleechron

St James, Port of Spain. Dubbed by locals as the “city that never sleeps”.

Bars, pubs, casinos, restaurants, pool halls all call St James home.

I snapped quickly while my car was coming out of a stop. Won’t be looking to take pictures in motion anytime soon!


Day 2 (1): Dried Roses

Dried Roses

Originally uploaded by boboleechron

Day 2 of Project 365. Dried roses in the vase on my desk.

Due to my lateness in posting this, I’m going to post another picture shortly, even though I don’t have to.


Day 1: Keep On Walking

Day 1: Keep On Walking

Originally uploaded by boboleechron

Hey folks!

Been a while since I updated BoboleePix! Well, my first camera was stolen… either that or I misplaced it… sometime after Carnival 2009. I was camera-less from then til now.

I’ve got a new camera now, and it takes sweet video and stills. I’ve decided to embark on my own “Project 365” (where you take and post a picture a day for a year=365 days, hence the name.)

You can find out more about “Project 365” here.

This is Day 1:

Johnnie Walker Scotch Whiskey is very popular in Trinidad & Tobago… so much so, if you tell your Trinbagonian friend that you want to go visit “Uncle Johnnie”, they’d know what you mean… and most likely want to join you!

On my way home today, I saw this decal stuck on the truck in front of me, and I just had to take a shot of every drinking Trinbagonian’s favourite “uncle”.


The Last Day of Christmas

I love Christmas.  Even though I don’t get to do all that I’d like to do, its always been a special time of the year for me.  Its the music on the radio…  The cleaning…  The shopping… The preparation… The anticipation…   The gift-giving…  The gift-receiving!

Too bad it only lasts for 12 days…

As Christmas comes to a close, I just want to share some of our local (Trinbagonian) Christmas traditional music: Parang.

parang performance

Parang performers... performing! (Image taken from the Trinidad Guardian)

Here are some performances from the 2009 National Parang Champs – Los Alumnos de San Juan – that I was able to capture while attending the 1st annual “Jazzang” (a mashup of the words “Jazz” & “Parang”).   Hosted by the Jazz Alliance and Phase II Pan Groove (in their panyard) the event was well attended and very enjoyable.  I’m looking forward to attend the next one!

Peace and Rice and ALL the very best for the new year!

Enjoy the videos…

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