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I Lost My Twitter Cherry Today

Blame it on @aplusk. Blame it on @Oprah.  Blame it on @CNN even, but yes, I’ve finally decided to join the Twitter brigade.

Twitter is a site where users post 140-character messages that are distributed to groups of people/users who follow their every post… they’re known as “followers”.  The service allows users to “tweet” (post) as well as “follow” other Twitterers. is where you’ll find me… and I’m just getting my “sea legs” around the service.

I first got introduced to Twitter during my daily tech readings a few years ago.  Then Keith, a friend and fellow blogger of mine, started using it.  I didn’t seem to think I had the time or the “content” to start a “microblog”.

The recent race to a million Twitter followers between CNN and Ashton Kutcher (aplusk) got my attention… as did the fact that Oprah Winfrey became the latest celebrity to join the service.   Kutcher said that:

“I found it astonishing that one person can actually have as big of a voice online as what an entire media company can on Twitter,” Kutcher says in a video, which was shot from inside a car and was posted on

“So I just thought that was just kind of an amazing comment on the state of our media, and I said that, if I beat CNN to 1 million viewers, then I would ding-dong ditch Ted Turner — because I don’t think it’s gonna happen.”

My first thought was that he was right… Twitter is a great equalizer for the masses.  The people now have the means to reach others and to spread their versions of the real story.

Then I started to think again… just who is Ashton Kutcher?   Besides the fact that he’s an actor and the husband of a famous actress, who is he?  Why would a million people choose to get their “news” from @aplusk as opposed to CNN?  In a sense, his winning the race to a million followers is symptomatic of the problem being faced by all media carriers, especially the traditional press: the masses are no longer interesting in reading yesterday’s news.  Advances in communications and internet technologies are blurring the dividing lines between us all.   The global village is now, and we’re all sitting in the same cafe with the same access to the same gossip about what “Mary” got herself into last night… as soon as she updates her online status.

I read online that some view this race to a million as further proof of the dumbing down of America, and by extension, the globe. I disagree.  A million people wanting to find out more about what Ashton and Demi wore to lunch as opposed to wanting to hear more about the economic plans of the Obama administration isn’t dumb…

No, I don’t think its dumb at all.  Its escapist. Life today is stressful.  People have lost their houses, their jobs, their live savings… its getting harder to afford the basics for most of us as our salaries stay the same or go kaput whilst prices skyrocket.  The comings and goings of celebrities help people tune out of the world for awhile… put a smile or a smirk on a few faces everyday… entertainment.  Besides which, why buy the newspaper cow when the information milk is free? 😆

I hope, if anything, that I get to interact with more of you folks… and even make a few more friends via Twitter.  I’m a later adopter by nature when it comes to technology… I know someone always comes along with something better, faster and stronger on short notice.  Feel free to follow my feed and to post your own in the comments, if you wish.  I promise not to be a spammer, and not to tweet (or retweet) crap!

Peace and Rice,



Gots You All In Check …

Video HERE

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Wait a minute…

I think I did! (I’m joking, of course! The Daily Show rules!)

Woo Hah!


Can’t Keep Runnin’ Awaaaaay….

Peace and Much Love


(Its Friday. Take a load off!)


Said John McCain to CNN …


From "I Can Has Cheezburger?"






Ironically enough…


For crying out loud, a detailed book was recently published chronicling the astoundingly biased coverage McCain has enjoyed for years.

When videos surfaced of Jeremiah Wright’s sermons, every network put them into constant rotation, practically every day, for months. When videos surfaced of radical televangelists associated with McCain, the media took a pass.

When Obama opted out of the public-financing system, the media went ballistic. When McCain violated campaign-finance law, the media took a pass.

When Obama said he would continue to “refine” his policy on Iraq, the media spent nearly three weeks screaming, “Flip-flopper!” When McCain completely reinvented himself, and flip-flopped on everything under the sun, the media praised McCain as a “maverick.”

(From Crooks and Liars)




Why do I even bother?

Peace and Much Love,







A Heartbeat Away

First: Lets look at some hard numbers and facts.

Second: This is John McCain’s choice for Vice President- Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin:

[CNBC Interview: What does…]


[Tucker Bounds speaks to Campbell Brown on Sarah Palin’s Foreign Policy Experience.]


[Cindy McCain: Alaska is the closest … to Russia.]


[James Carville: The choice is “strange”.]


[Carville vs the Congresswoman]



Third: Do you see any similarities between Sarah and Hillary?


Fourth: What about the similarities between Sarah and Carly Fiorina?  Do you see them?


Now do you see why John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his Vice President?

Hmmm?  Hmmm?

Any further questions?



Peace and Much Love,






I am so busy, its not funny.

Work, work, work!

Not much time to play these days!

I am just postively itching to write though.  So many things have crossed my mind, all I’ve managed to do is start a basic draft which is saved for further exploration and fertilisation later on when the time is right.

Anyway, to help me scratch my itch, I’m just going to post a few of the things that have piqued my interest these last few days since my last posting.

Watch Complete Documentaries for FREE: That’s right.  I’m a bit of a documentary nut.  Watch over 200 top quality, award winning documentaries, online, for FREE. Documentaries like “Super Size Me”… allows you to watch them, save them, and post them to any website, all for the cost of watching a few ads.  Each documentary is also associated with a charity, so you can always click on ‘info’ to read more and support a worthy cause.

You know where I’ll be when I get my head up from under water…

BLACK IN AMERICA: CNN’s Soledad O’Brien has put together what I hope will be an award-winning documentary about the lives of various African-American families and individuals in America BLACK IN AMERICA.

I’m watching the latest episode (The Black Woman & Family) right now as I write this.  Won’t give out too much about what I’ve seen thus far, but I will say that it is definitely engaging and definitely worth watching!
Tomorrow’s episode is called “The Black Man”.  Take the time to check it out!

Craptions: Nuff said!

Anything that combines humour with satire is something that’s bound to get me laughing!  Check them out!

Well, until I get the chance to resurface with full strength…

Peace and Much Love.



Grab These Nuts


I was all prepared to write about how Fox is waging a nasty, nasty campaign against Michelle Obama, today.

I was going to talk about how they were going to do whatever they could to paint her as an angry, bitter, unpatriotic, ungrateful, uppity, terrorist loving, black baby momma.

I did some reading and research and even found a nice video to share with y’all in my spare time…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

But noooooo……. Jesse Jackson had other plans…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Jesse Jackson on Obama’s Nuts“, posted with vodpod

Man… to say I’m disappointed is the understatement of the year!  But I’ll get over it…


How the hell could a seasoned, media savvied politician, pastor and former Democratic presidential candidate… NOT know that he was miked and that it was possibly turned on???


If he’s losing his mind, this could be the tell tale sign.  I’m sure a lot of folks feel that its his nuts that should get cut off, apology not withstanding.

Anyway, peep this.  This was shown on Saturday Night Live waaay back in March this year when Obama was still jousting with Billary for the Democratic Nomination…

[redlasso id=”505eaef0-2425-49aa-a5e1-f7d694a1d70d”]

When I first saw it in March, I didn’t understand it.

Now, with Jesse expressing a fervent desire to cut Obama’s nuts off, I can see clearly now!!!

Too bad they couldn’t send him to Lower Zambuta for real!!! 😆

Peace and Much Love.



We Believe

The Urban Prep Creed

We believe.
We are the young men of Urban Prep.
We are college bound.
We are exceptional — not because we say it, but because we work hard at it.
We will not falter in the face of any obstacle placed before us.
We are dedicated, committed and focused.
We never succumb to mediocrity, uncertainty or fear.
We never fail because we never give up.
We make no excuses.
We choose to live honestly, nonviolently and honorably.
We respect ourselves and, in doing so, respect all people.
We have a future for which we are accountable.
We have a responsibility to our families, community and world.
We are our brothers’ keepers.
We believe in ourselves.
We believe in each other.
We believe in Urban Prep.

urban prep

See the story here:

Read the story here:

An excerpt:

“CHICAGO, Illinois (CNN) — The odds were never good for 16-year-old D’Angelo Gardner. His father died of a heroin overdose when he was 9 years old, and by the eighth grade, he was caught up in a gang.

“I had a real bad attitude towards … everybody. I didn’t wanna talk, I didn’t wanna do work,” D’Angelo recalls. “It was just hard, and I didn’t wanna be there.”

Growing up in Englewood, one of the city’s toughest neighborhoods, the statistics for young black men are grim. Only one in 40 African-American males in Chicago will finish college, and 50 percent will drop out of high school. If that weren’t bad enough, guns and gang violence are almost a part of daily life. This year, nearly 30 Chicago Public School students have been shot to death.

But in the center of this impoverished neighborhood, there is hope.

The Urban Prep Charter Academy for Young Men, founded in 2002, has become a haven. The charter school, which is not part of the Chicago Public Schools system, has a mission to prepare young black men for college and promote self-esteem and success.”

I think this story offers real hope; not just for them, but for all of us.

And I think their experiences could be used to help others with similar issues in their educational systems, plot a positive way through.

Peace and Much Love.

(Thanks to Ian and Paula for sharing this story with me.)

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