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Gots You All In Check …

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I couldn’t have said it better myself!

Wait a minute…

I think I did! (I’m joking, of course! The Daily Show rules!)

Woo Hah!


Can’t Keep Runnin’ Awaaaaay….

Peace and Much Love


(Its Friday. Take a load off!)


Mixtape Friday

Ok… well, not exactly a mix tape, but a mix nevertheless!

In keeping with my ‘no stress for the week pledge’, here’s a Jay-Z mashup!

Jay was the headline act at the recently concluded Glastonbury Music Festival in England… its the largest open-air, greenfield concert festival in the WORLD.

You can get more info from the festival’s website… (

…and you can even catch some of the performances on BBC’s website (

Well, when Jay-Z was chosen to be the headline act, this caused no end of controversy.  Hip-Hop never had a showing at Glastonbury before, and now it was to be the headline act?  WTF?!

Well, Noel Gallagher, guitarist for the British band Oasis, wasn’t pleased at all!

Oasis Noel Gallagher

“If it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” he said. “If you start to break it then people aren’t going to go. I’m sorry, but Jay-Z? No chance.”

Here’s how Jay opened his set… he did a montage of the comments made by his supporters and detractors.  Watch the vid below (profanity near the end):

Jay-Z answered all his critics.  Performance beating ole talk yet again!

Playing to a crowd of over 150,000, Hov opened his set with a cover of Oasis’ hit single “Wonderwall”.  Pure Genius!  He came out with a rock guitar, had the mainly rock crowd singing along, putting up their diamonds and their lighters into the air!  Watch the video below:

Here’s the list of the other tracks he did in this clip.

“99 problems”AC/DC’s Classic “Back in Black” was played live -Live!- by the band during this set (Thanks to Frolin for help with the positive riff ID).

“Is That Your Chick” – with some sampling from Prodigy down to the end (Thanks to the Soca Viking for help with the positive sample ID).

“Rehab” – Great choice.  Everyone is feeling Amy Winehouse’s music in England these days, despite her issues with the pipe.

The band was amazing.  They really knocked the instrumentals out the park!

I’m really glad he answered his critics.  Music is Universal.  Music is Love.  Gallagher ended up looking the fool, and the audience went happily along with Jay’s flow.  It just cements Jay-Z’s position as one of the most successful artistes of our time.

I like this performance because its fluid, its versatile, fresh and surprising.  I like how he moves from Wonderwall to 99 problems, with the band’s guitarists laying down some mean tracks for Hov to spit his rhymes over.

The crowd’s energy?  Fantastic.  Infectious!  Wish I was there…

Not bad for someone’s who’s retired!

<Videos may get pulled by YouTube soon, so watch while they’re still online!>

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