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Wrong Country? No Love…

You know something’s really wrong with the US economy when not even the “local” girls want to marry American men!


Ineligible Bachelors: Indian Men Living in U.S. Strike Out

The Wall Street Journal article points out that:

Vikas Marwaha would normally be considered a good catch by Indian parents seeking a husband for their daughter. The 27-year-old software engineer earns $80,000 to $100,000 a year and comes from a family “of doctors and engineers,” according to his profile on a matrimonial Web site.

But Mr. Marwaha works for a start-up Internet phone company in San Francisco. And because the U.S. economy is wobbly, that’s a problem. Many Indian parents now are balking at sending their daughters to the U.S. to marry.

Interactive Graphic

Check out this interactive “Indian Singles” ad at the journal!

Until recently, overseas candidates would quickly elicit 10 to 15 responses from young women, says Smita Seth, 55, owner of Manpasand Marriage Bureau in Ahmedabad. But in the past few months, she has had to coax parents to even consider overseas grooms; they prefer men from their own towns instead.

In order to find a suitable bride, many Non-Resident Indian (N.R.I.) men leave their successful US jobs, try to find suitable jobs at home and begin the search for a bride, anew… where they’re being confronted with the fact that its pretty hard these days to find a “bride who is smart, fluent in English, and ‘simultaneously, docile in the house’.”

I wonder how other bachelors from other cultures worldwide are coping… the potential brides too!  Someone should do a study on this… it seems that the general trend is reversing.  People are leaving the US now, instead of flocking to it!

The reason? Pretty simple actually… as the Mighty Sparrow succinctly put it in one of his classic calypsoes:

Pic from Afrobella: A young Mighty Sparrow


“No Money, No Love”

Peace and Rice,


PS:  Here’s one N.R.I. male who shouldn’t have any problem finding himself a bride… 🙂

Democratic Convention[Chicago Sun Times]

I want to wish you all the best in your new job, man!  8)


Obama, Powell and the Caribbean Connection

As most of you know, I was “out of it” for a while due to some real world work and other committments.  While I was mainly off the Internet for those few weeks, I got so busy that I even fell behind on reading my local newspapers and watching local news stories on TV.

I wasn’t completely out of it, however, as I did my best to check my news reader to skim the headlines, but not much else.    Today, I picked up last Sunday’s Trinidad Express (Oct 26th 2008) newspaper, and randomly flipped it open to page 4 where I saw this:

[Also posted here]

Now I’d heard and read snippets of Powell’s endorsement, but I had *no idea* that the soldier in question was a Trinidadian.  Like Powell, I was taken aback by the hateful language emanating from the McSame-Failin campaign.  All those shouts of “terrorist” and “kill him” sent chills up my spine.

The thing that gets me is that, with few exceptions, the people who are calling for Obama’s head and calling his policies “socialist”, “communist” and “marxist” are overwhelmingly CHRISTIAN.

If Jesus were on Earth today, I’m sure he’d beat them like they were snakes disguised as moneychangers in a temple.

My condolences to the Khan family.  We just celebrated Eid earlier this month in TnT.  I’m sure Kareem was missed.  He is the 2nd (dead) Trinidadian soldier who’s made an impact on the American political scene.  I’d mentioned the first, Kendall Frederick, in my post “Who Are These Jokers, Anyway?”

Kendall got killed by an IED, too.  He was on his way to getting his citizenship papers regularised when the bomb exploded as his convoy passed.

The general was quite right in my view to call out the Republican party for not doing enough to stop the name calling, the race baiting and the fear mongering.  They’re encouraging it deliberately, and that’s wrong.

Trinbagonians are a blessed people.  We’re tolerant of almost everyone and anyone I can think of, with very few exceptions.  Muslims have played very important roles in our twin-island state.  They’re politicians, policemen, doctors, lawyers. They play a part in every facet of our lives.  Even our last head of state (the President) was Muslim.  When he died, a lot of people mourned. He was regarded as a good man by all.  This is not to say that we don’t have problems with each other as a nation — of course we do.

Ashley Todd

Ashley Todd

The thing that gets me about the American religious far right is that they seem just as extremist and fanatical as any of the Muslim terrorists that they love to attack (if not more so, given the lengths they’ll go to smear, right Ashley?)… and they do everything in the name of Jesus!

Jesus was (is) the ultimate man of peace, love and respect for one’s fellow man. Jesus was (is) all for “sharing the wealth”.

Faced with such bigotry and hate from his supposed followers, if Jesus were to come back now,  what would He *really* do?

Dvorak Uncensored

I never imagined that Trinidadians had such a major role to play in the US elections.  I’m sure quite a few people would’ve changed their minds following Powell’s endorsement of Obama and strident criticism of the G.O.P.  For all we know, that swing could make the ultimate difference when the votes are tallied on November 4th.  Powell wouldn’t have made the stirring endorsement without the contribution of that fallen Trinidadian soldier.  It carried more poignancy, more weight, more consideration than it would had he made the endorsement earlier in the primary season, when it was clear that Obama had enough votes to be declared the Democratic nominee.

Its even more apt when you consider that Powell himself is a Caribbean son, having Jamaica-born parents.

As I’d mentioned in tail end of my post “The Day I Met Jim Crow”, Powell had only to let out that he was *just considering* running for President when he was besieged by enough death threats to make his wife change his mind.  Obama has had to endure all manner of threats against his life since he started getting closer to the prize.  Let’s not trivialise it… Powell is just as much of a “war hero” as McCain, if not more so.  He was injured in wars, and saw the effects of war first hand.  He’s directed troops to fight against enemy troops in dangerous encounters.  He helped shape Bush’s foreign and national security policies, until he resigned in 2004.

Powell’s opinion is not to be scoffed, or taken lightly.

As a Caribbean man, while I’m truly sorry for the lives that were lost, I’m proud to say that I’m glad we made a considerable difference in shaping the future direction of the American political landscape.

We helped change the world.

Boblee Pix: VOTE !!!

The future of many lies in the hands of the American voter…

American Buddhist Perspective

American Buddhist Perspective


Please Make The Right Choice!

Peace and Rice,



Different Strokes

[Pundit Kitchen]

Caption says:

Which is scarier?

That Obama is half cloth/half human

… or that the person that made this sign still gets to vote?

Give that one some serious thought.  Its a lot more complicated than it first appears!

What a difference a simple pen stroke makes!

The power of the pen is not to be taken lightly at all.

*sighs* … if only the world could vote…

[View Current Results Here]

Click here to vote !

For the record, I believe that everyone, regardless of their race, religion, IQ or fabric preference :), should be allowed to vote.

I’m always mindful of the fact that some of my ancestors didn’t have the opportunity to do many of the things I take for granted today… like vote and be allowed to express a difference in opinion!

Peace and Rice,



About that “Community Organizer” thingy …

[Pundit Kitchen]

I got this from here:  Many great leaders had humble start – Muskegon Chronicle Opinion –, via Jim Hall’s blog post. As per usual, I hyperlinked to other relevant pages and references… 😎

Palin delighted the Republican faithful when she went attack dog on Democratic nominee Barack Obama. Along with accusing the Illinois senator of being high on big rhetoric and low on meaningful legislation, she mocked Obama’s resume, comparing it with her own.

“I guess a small-town mayor is sort of like a ‘community organizer,’ except that you have actual responsibilities,” she said, prompting an eruption of laughter and cheers.

In case you miss the reference, Palin, now governor of Alaska, was mayor of Wasilla — population 9,780 — from 1996 to 2002. Obama moved to Chicago after college and did church-based organizing to determine the needs of people who lost their jobs after the steel mills closed.

All of this is fair game. Tearing into the opposition, first jobs and all, is expected behavior in a presidential campaign. It’s how the game is played.

But in this small instance, I think Palin or her speech writers overplayed their hand.

To borrow a phrase, this is not about Obama. He’s capable of defending himself — or at least he’d better be.

No, this is about the other community organizers, the ones who never come close to sniffing the Oval Office. It’s about a job so nebulous its responsibilities seem unreal.

I’m thinking about a man I once heard speaking about jobs and opportunity in a crowded church, a man who had my freedom and future on his mind long before those things ever occurred to me.

Cesar Chavez did this work. So did Fannie Lou Hamer, and Grace and Jimmie Boggs. So did Medgar Evers and Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Stephen Biko. In a sense, Jesus Christ was a community organizer.

And Pontius Pilate was a governor.

None of this reduces the ways we try to seize our fates. Sometimes we choose the roles we play, and, mayor or organizer, sometimes those roles choose us.

Sometimes those roles rise up from power. And sometimes they rise up in spite of it.

Whoa… especially at the Jesus/Obama – Pilate/Palin juxtaposition.  Deep… 😎

Peace and Much Love,



Sticky: What If …

… the world could vote in the US presidential elections?

Wouldn’t you like to know?

! Cast Your Vote Here !

Let’s see who the next president of the United States of America would be – if the world could vote.



Said John McCain to CNN …


From "I Can Has Cheezburger?"






Ironically enough…


For crying out loud, a detailed book was recently published chronicling the astoundingly biased coverage McCain has enjoyed for years.

When videos surfaced of Jeremiah Wright’s sermons, every network put them into constant rotation, practically every day, for months. When videos surfaced of radical televangelists associated with McCain, the media took a pass.

When Obama opted out of the public-financing system, the media went ballistic. When McCain violated campaign-finance law, the media took a pass.

When Obama said he would continue to “refine” his policy on Iraq, the media spent nearly three weeks screaming, “Flip-flopper!” When McCain completely reinvented himself, and flip-flopped on everything under the sun, the media praised McCain as a “maverick.”

(From Crooks and Liars)




Why do I even bother?

Peace and Much Love,







A Heartbeat Away

First: Lets look at some hard numbers and facts.

Second: This is John McCain’s choice for Vice President- Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin:

[CNBC Interview: What does…]


[Tucker Bounds speaks to Campbell Brown on Sarah Palin’s Foreign Policy Experience.]


[Cindy McCain: Alaska is the closest … to Russia.]


[James Carville: The choice is “strange”.]


[Carville vs the Congresswoman]



Third: Do you see any similarities between Sarah and Hillary?


Fourth: What about the similarities between Sarah and Carly Fiorina?  Do you see them?


Now do you see why John McCain chose Sarah Palin to be his Vice President?

Hmmm?  Hmmm?

Any further questions?



Peace and Much Love,





I Just Don’t Get It

[Washington Post]

I stumbled upon this article from the LA Times today:

Before he left Reno for San Francisco, Obama took questions from the friendly audience.

When a woman asked what she could do to help him, he urged her to fight rumors that he is a closet Muslim.

“You’ve just got to tell them that’s not true, he’s a Christian,” Obama said. “There’s nothing wrong with being Muslim. We’ve got wonderful Muslim Americans. But the point is, don’t lie about my religion.”

Mary Bruns, a 65-year-old precinct captain from Reno, is worried the religion rumors, as well as prejudice against African Americans, could sink Obama’s presidential bid.

When she canvasses door to door, she said, older people have made comments such as “I don’t mind he’s a Muslim, if he would just admit he’s a Muslim,” and “We can’t vote a black person in there; they’ll think they rule the world.”

If people say that to her face, the retired nurse wonders what they say behind closed doors.

“I think a certain segment of the American population is just ignorant,” she said. “I don’t give them the time of day.”

Then, I stumbled upon this snippet of information:


A new national study by the Pew Research Center shows that 12 percent of the country still believes Sen. Barack Obama is a Muslim…



As I commented over at “In One Ear… Out The Other”, this never ceases to amaze.  I’m constantly amazed at and by this! 😕

When Rev. Jeremiah Wright was “all the rage”, all Obama’s opponents did everything they could to ensure that the Wright-Obama connection became firm and concrete in people’s minds.

[Huffington Post]

“He goes to a church with a pastor who hates and damns America!”, they said.

“That America-hating pastor baptised his children!”

“He married his America-hating wife by having that America-hating pastor do the ceremony!”

Months later… Obama’s now a secret Muslim?  Check out this video…

How then could there ever have possibly been a Wright-Obama connection, a Pastor-Parishioner connection, if he were a Muslim?

Come on, America!  Use your heads!

He can either be Christian or Muslim… but not both!


But…hey… what do I know?

I just live on an island in the Caribbean Sea!

Peace and Much Love,



Their Eyes Are Watching From Above

I first read this in May, and I bookmarked it for later reading. I’ve read it often ever since. I’ve taken the liberty of copying it to share with you. The original can be found here. I’ve “hyperlinked through” the article with relevant references that I hope are helpful.  This was written before Obama became the “presumptive” nominee of the Democratic Party.

I find it really calm, reflective and moving. I hope you do too. Enjoy.

Peace and Much Love.



Their eyes are watching from above

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Somewhere beyond the Elysian Fields, Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. are the last to leave a celestial forum they’ve nicknamed the Martyrs’ Ball. It is the 40th anniversary of their respective assassinations, so both men are feeling more wistful than usual.

By eternity’s standards, less than a second has passed, but by their lingering sense of how time passes on Earth, they have endured years full of speeches and celebrations crammed into one day. Both were moved to tears by Walt Whitman’s lengthy tribute. He was one of their favorite poets because of his deep knowledge of the American spirit.

Marian Anderson’s voice seemed to reverberate throughout the celestial sphere itself when she fronted a choir that included Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner and James Chaney. She sang all of Martin’s favorite spirituals.

They both mock-grimaced through President John F. Kennedy’s jokes told, as usual, at their expense. JFK still knew how to tease his younger brother. He also reminded Martin Luther King about needing a ghostwriter for his own 50th anniversary Martyrs’ Ball speech in a few years.

“Give me some words that Rev. Jeremiah Wright can’t make fun of and I’ll practice my delivery so that it doesn’t sound like his very bad imitation of my very good inauguration speech,” President Kennedy said as the heavenly hosts roared with laughter.

“One of these days, you’re going to have to stop holding me responsible for everything Rev. Wright says,” Martin said, eliciting yet another round of laughter and applause. Eternity is a place where irony is appreciated.

Standing at the great Reflecting Pool of Reality later that evening, Martin and Bobby look into its crystalline depths, causing the distance between heaven and Earth to part like clouds. Images shimmer into view. Loved ones can be seen. The secrets of men’s hearts are revealed. The political beast stands revealed in all of its nakedness.

Martin puts his arms around Bobby’s shoulder as Sen. Edward Kennedy’s face appears. They scan the newspaper headlines about his brain tumor in silence. “He is making peace with whatever happens,” Bobby says. “Still, my baby brother is no fatalist. He’s in no hurry to be with his older brothers again. Good for him.”

Martin Luther King Jnr and Robert Kennedy

Martin Luther King Jnr and Robert Kennedy

[From the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum]

Bobby stirs the waters again. Hillary Clinton’s face comes into view. “Hillary is mentally and spiritually exhausted,” he says.

“I agree,” Martin says. “Evoking the day you were murdered as justification for staying in the race sounds worse than what she meant.”

Bobby gazes at the Democratic presidential candidate’s anguished expression in a time-lapse montage. “The grueling pace of the primary has made her careless. Her ambition is at war with her best instincts.”

Martin stoops to stir the waters of the Reflecting Pool with his index finger. He sees the face of a newborn baby. He smiles with pleasure. “My oldest son and his wife have named my first grandchild Yolanda Renee King,” Martin announces with pride. “That thunder you hear coming from the celestial mountains is the sound of Coretta jumping for joy.”

“Congratulations, Martin,” Bobby says. The civil rights leader stirs the waters once more. Democratic frontrunner Barack Obama’s face comes into view.

“It’s hard to believe a mere four decades has passed since we both slipped the bonds of Earth,” Martin says. “The evolution of America’s racial attitudes in a generation is as big a miracle as the two of us standing here reacting to it. We are witnessing a milestone in the nation’s history.”

“Is this truly Barack Obama’s moment, Martin? Is he the spiritual heir to your ‘I Have a Dream’ ethos, or will he succumb to worldly pragmatism and do whatever it takes to win?”

“Like every man, he finds himself resisting the temptation to take shortcuts,” Martin says. “He is so close to grasping the prize that he can almost taste it. But there is danger in this moment as well. There are many sick and deluded men and women who will not abide his election to the highest office of the land. What will their rage compel them to do about it?”

They listen to Barack Obama delivering the commencement address at Wesleyan University as Teddy Kennedy’s stand-in. They are impressed by his eloquence and his heart for changing America. It feels visionary to them. It feels familiar.

“My brother loves this man. Now I can see why. He is as charismatic as you once were,” Bobby says.

John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jnr.

John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jnr.

[From George Lois and Esquire]

“I beg to differ,” Martin says. “This young man definitely has more Kennedy in him than King.”

Suddenly, the waters grow dark and Martin and Bobby’s reflections return to the surface of the water. “Even we don’t have the right to see the future, Martin, but I still have a good feeling about it.”

Martin Luther King sighs. “Whatever happens — all will be well,” he says. “We have the rest of eternity to learn and absorb that truth.”


PS: I suspect that the Clinton camp will still try to usurp Obama’s nomination and confirmation at the upcoming convention. Let’s hope good sense prevails.

PPS: I had already ‘written’ and formatted this post, and was intending to publish it the day before the Convention was due to start, i.e., Aug. 24th.

With the latest news of Hillary’s name being added to the ballot, I thought it best to publish now.

Peace and Much Love,



The Day I Met Jim Crow

A friend of mine sent me this slideshow a few months ago:

I wrote this piece before completing the whole slide show, in response.  Just seeing that first picture evoked strong memories of the first time I saw it as a little boy in the pages of the Life, Time and Ebony magazines we had at home…

I thank my father for exposing me to the real world through books and subscriptions to news magazines when I was younger.  😎

Peace and Much Love. jw

When I was in Upper 6th Form and due to leave my Trinidadian secondary school, a teacher organised a SAT/Scholarship session with some recruiters from the University of Steubenville, and some other US college. The teacher was caucasian, or as we like to say here in Trinbago, “Trini White”.

Before our guests came in, he pointed out to us, that in many ways, the US of A was more racist than South Africa (this was in the early 1990’s, a few months before they released Nelson Mandela from prison), and actively encouraged the “students of colour” to hype that fact up in US college applications, as we would have an advantage because of the affirmative action programs that the US colleges had to deploy.

I remember hearing one of my white classmates sitting behind me utter a soft “steups.” 😉

I got a chance to visit a fairly rural part of a deep southern US State for the first time on a 3 month company sponsored training trip in the late 90’s. While there, I sometimes used to think that I was the only black man for miles around.  It was the kind of place where, when you saw another black person, you gave them that knowing How you doin’? nod, and even stopped to chat for a few.  Most times, the black folk I encountered were the “help” in the place I was in/visiting/working. I met up with two Trinidadian families that way… but that’s another story.

Anyway, being the “good” Church boy that I am, I wanted to go to a Catholic Church close to my hotel. I found it strange that all the hotel clerks were directing me to a Hispanic church which was about 10 minutes away by car (and therefore, more taxi fare) instead of one that I could just walk to in under 20 minutes. As I wanted to explore my surroundings and stretch my legs a bit, I went to the closer Church regardless.

No problems for me… I sat in the back and spied a black family at church!  My heart leapt for joy and I made a mental note to speak to them afterwards. Because I was a first time visitor to the church, the mainly white congregation welcomed me with open arms.  I mean, I saw these middle-aged & older white men and women come up to me and hug, kiss and embrace me like a prodigal, when I could swear a few days ago, more than half of those same folks crossed the street when they saw me coming towards them!

Anyway, after the service, one of the daughters from the black family came over to chat with me. Her folks were Jamaican, and one of the first things she asked me was “How come you didn’t go to the Spanish church?”

“I don’t speak that much Spanish, so it would’ve been difficult for me to understand. Plus this church was only about 20 minutes walking from my hotel.”

“You walked?!”
“Yeah… something’s wrong with walking?”
“Where’s your hotel?”
“The Radisson on such and such street.”
Oooh… that’s a nice hotel… they have nice food there…”

Moms walks over to chat, with her other daughter in tow. Pops is talking to a man on the side. Moms hits me with the Jamaican slang as soon as she realises I’m Trinbagonian… “Wham now, rude bwoy?” I laugh and smile… tell her its good to see fellow West Indians up in the place.

“How come you didn’t go to the Spanish church?”

I give the same reply, and begin to wonder “what’s so wrong with this church” that makes people want to recommend la vida loca on sight of me. Pops comes over and we chit chat, they have to leave, but promise to look me up at the hotel now that they know that I’m there.

“We West Indians have to look out for one another!”, Mom says and smiles as she gets into their sedan. She
works at some law firm or the other.  Pops is a police man or an Army soldier or something.

As they pull off, I turn around to start my walk back.  I almost bounce into this middle-aged white man.  Pepper gray/blonde hair.  Ice blue eyes.  Affable looking, he apologised, and asked if I wanted a ride back to my hotel, as he’d overheard I was staying at the Radisson.  I accepted his offer.

“What’s your name?”
“My name is Jude.”
“Ah… like the song, or were you named after the saint?”
“Both, actually.  I’m sorry… but I didn’t catch your name?”
“That’s cuz I didn’t throw it. My name is Jim.  Jim Crow.”

[picture taken from: Literacy Rules!]


In shock, I look up at the man, to see if he’s serious. He’s not laughing.

I look at his wife and his little daughter. They’re not laughing either.

I’m wondering whether I should laugh or if I should run… but my instincts told me to take him at his word… play it cool, and use my keys as a weapon… just in case.

“Your parents must’ve had a unique sense of humour, Jim.”
Jim grins.  His wife laughs. “That’s what I always tell him!”

We get into the car, and we pull off. Jim talks about the teasing he endured growing up because of his name… and that he always gets that same reaction from black people when he introduces himself to them.

For the duration of the 5 minute ride (which seemed like forever), I get told about how articulate I am, how intelligent I seem, and how handsome I am (when Jim’s wife said this, I saw his eyes flick up to the rear-view and hold me in a glance for a few seconds.  I met his gaze while I thanked her for the compliment and nodded back to Jim. He put his eyes back on the road.)

As I’m getting out of the car at the hotel, they tell me about the Spanish church 20 minutes driving from here, and wonder aloud why I didn’t go there. I give them the same reply, plus the fact that I didn’t have a car to use while I was there.

Jim: “Oh… with a country name like Trinidad, you would think that you’d speak some Spanish!”

“Yeah, you would!  But I have basic Spanish skills.”

Jim’s Wife: “So, see you next week?  We can come pick you up, if you want…”  Jim looks a bit uncomfortable but smiles.

“Maybe, but I think I’ll walk! This is a nice neighbourhood. Thanks for the ride. Take care, Jim!”

I stand outside with the doorman watching their little girl wave to me from the back seat as they drive away.

“Crazy, man…this is just crazy.”
“Por que?”, says Jose, the door man from Mexico.
“That man just told me his name was Jim Crow!”
“So what ees so wrong weet dat name?”

I sigh and walk away. I pat Jose on the shoulder as I make my way inside.

“Its a black thing, Jose… I don’t think you’d understand.”

For the duration of my stay, I didn’t go back to Church.

I never saw the Jamaicans or the Crows again.

I do regret not going to the Hispanic Church though! I’m sure that would’ve been something!

When I look at the image of the man getting rammed by the American flag, it brings to mind the challenges the Obamas must undoubtedly have to face during their long election campaign.

Colin Powell said that he didn’t run for US President because his wife expressed fear for his life. Had he done so, I wonder what sort of campaign the Democrats would have mounted against him?  I’d like to think that it certainly wouldn’t be anything as bad as what Fox and the Republicans (and Billary, Jeremiah Wright and Jesse Jackson) have tried to do to Barack and Michelle Obama.

[Pic: Ask Men]

Let’s think about it for a second.

Colin Powell is the man that handed out cans of whoop ass to Saddam in Operation Desert Storm.  He wasn’t just a soldier, he was a GENERAL, and the history making Chairman of the freakin’ Joint Chiefs of Staff.   Brother man was also the first African-American Secretary of State.  To wit, all of this was achieved under conservative leaning REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTS (George Bush I and II).

Yet, people STILL wrote hate mail when he merely contemplated running for President on a Republican ticket…

One thing’s for certain…

If Jesse Jackson was really serious about cutting Obama’s nuts off, he has to get a HUUUGE knife.

Balls that size don’t come along everyday.

Oh… and in case you were wondering…

…Jim Crow really sucked.

Peace and Much Love.


[ps: thanks for the slideshow, Frolin]

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