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1000 Words

[taken from Rob Rogers, Pittsburgh Post Gazette]

Even if he were to wrap himself in the American flag, quaff a gazillion pints of draft beer, go hunting deer … and barbecuing same… he’d still be thought of as something he’s not.

I’m put off by the cover of the New Yorker, BUT I think it helps bring all the issues surrounding his patriotism (aka no-flag-pin-for-me-thanks), his religiousĀ leanings and his terrorist affiliations (aka the-fist-bump-heard-throughout-the-world) to the FORE, where they can be discussed in the open… ad nauseum hopefully… then put to rest.

I’m with Richard Greene on this one:

Take all of the negative whispers, about Obama being a Muslim, a Jihadist, a lover of Osama bin Laden, about Michelle hating America — take all of them and put them out there, on the cover, in public, so that serious discussion can happen, these urban legends can be “Snoped” and these toxic boils can be lanced!

… let’s have that discussion, fully, and then move on. If Michelle really does hate America, let’s get that out of the way as well. It’s still only July. Let’s fully deal with this now and devote the next 3 and 1/2 months to serious dialogue.

Peace and Much Love.


Trinidad is My Land…


…and of it I am proud and glad.

The Mighty Sniper: “Portrait of Trinidad.”

I took this shot on Carnival Monday, 2008.

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