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Merry Christmas

The Nativity

I want to wish you, your family and all those you hold near and dear, a blessed, happy and holy Christmas.

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, I still want to wish you all the very, very best as the year 2008 draws to a close.

This was a very momentous year for me – personally and professionally.  I’m really glad I’ve “made it” thus far (with my head ever so slightly above water), and I will remember to take the time to say a prayer for those who didn’t live to see today – Christmas Eve.

I’ve met a lot of people in 2008.  I’ve reconnected with friends past and I think I’ve made myself a few more.  I’ve lost touch with a few others, but I’m hoping to rectify those situations soon, time permitting.

That’s the key right there, you know?

… “Time permitting”

There never seems to be “enough” time… its not something we mere mortals can fully control or fully grasp.  All we can do is make best use of the present of the Present, and gift ourselves a better, brighter tomorrow.

Right now, I’m at home, dressed in sweats, taking a break from cleaning all those nooks and crannies in the house.  As I was sweeping some dust into a scoop, all these random thoughts swirled around in my mind.  I’m a bit reflective at times like these, as the mere occasion of the holiday forces me to think about the imporant people and things I hold dear.

My family.

My friends.  Have I been a good friend?

My career.  Am I all that I could be?

What opportunities did I miss?  What did I manage to get right?  What did I manage to screw up?  How will I do better next time?

A lot of things cross my mind when I raise dust!

Thanks for the love and support I’ve received from you all this year; via email, via my blogs, via Facebook, or just being there for me in person.  I really appreciated all of the helpful comments/suggestions you’ve had to make, even the negative ones.  I’m looking forward to using a lot of them in the new year when I post!

Take care all.  Be safe and enjoy the holiday.

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