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Day 13, 14 & 15/365…

If you’ve been following my 365 project, you’d have realised that I didn’t post anything on Saturday, Sunday or Monday (its early Tuesday morning as I type this).

Well, its Carnival time… and I went to my first Carnival fête: St Mary’s College All-Inclusive (read an interesting review of the 2008 edition of the fete here).  An “all-inclusive fête” is a Carnival fete where everything you need is included in the price.  You get as much as you can eat and as much as you can drink, as long as stocks last.  The fêtes usually go strong for as much as 10 hours… some start as early as 4pm… and they go ’til after midnight in some cases.  St Mary’s is my alma mater, and I usually attend the fete.

In lieu of my lack of photos, here’s a video I recorded of a performance at the fete: Kes the Band featuring Nadia Batson who sings with them as their female lead, although she’s an artiste separate and apart from the band.



Pray for Diarrhea

All I can say is… *muffled laughter*

That video came from John From Berkeley, who commented on my post “Isn’t It Ironic?” a few seconds after I’d published it!  I was amazed that it got read and commented upon so quickly!

Tongue in cheek, John says:

Focus on the Family published a video that actually asked people to pray for rain during Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. That’s as dumb (and heretical) as asking people to pray for diarrhea during John McCain’s speech.

Would it be wrong to ask people to pray for diarrhea?

In his comment, John says:

If you got upset when Focus on the Family asked people to pray for rain, now it’s our turn. There’s only three days left to “Pray for Diarrhea!”

Pray for Diarrhea

Check it out, it’s a hilarious parody of Focus on the Family’s video! Don’t forget to send it to everyone you know. We only have three days left!

So… get cracking!!!

Pass it on!!!


Peace and Much Love,


P.S. } Here’s the original video from “Focus on The Family”:


Get Well Soon, Easy!

I first saw you watching “The Electric Company” as a boy, and “Easy Reader” was always one of my favourite sketches.

I was able to find a few good clips of your past work to share with others not as aware…


Get well soon!





I’m still on hiatus, folks! Will be back soon!  🙂

Peace and Much Love.


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